Ronald Arduini
If you're waiting forth to die
put yourself at ease.
The time will come soon enough
it will be a breeze..

Open up the doors of life
live it for what it's worth.
Then be glad to start again
back on mother earth..

A moments pleasure holds together
not because you are
but something else inside of you
something from afar..

I'll be the with you..and you with me
We'll do to places.. really touch feel hear and see..

If you're waiting forth to live
step outside your mind
It's the only thing that does exist
Seek and you shall find
But if your waiting forth to die
it comes to those who wait
The time will come soon enough
Better make ot late...

Lyrics Credits: Ronald Arduini
Music Credits: Ronald Arduini
Producer Credits: Ronald Arduini
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Short Song Description:
What WE ARE cannot be explained...
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Song Length: 3:17
Primary Genre: Rock-Alternative
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