Ronald Arduini
What Remains#2
I thought that you were on my side
And not pointing figures
Such foolish pride
I thought tomorrow would bring us both
closer now

You said that i was putting you down
And not being serious a foolish clown
So where do we go now!!??

What remains is clear that we'll never be together
what remains is dead... then it's over

Chorus. I'll burn our bed... I'll drown my head
I'll crush the words that you said
I'll burry photos of your face
that are lying here
I'll start to shred your clothes instead
of neatly folding them all away
I'll never ever want to think or dream of you...

I thought that you would share it seems
my thoughts.. my sorrows.. and my dreams
But you turned around and stabbed my heart
it's bleeding now
Lovers come and lovers go
But I thought that our love was here to grow
So where do we go now!!??

What remains is clear that there's so much anger inside
what remains is dead when it's over...


Bridge: Never
Want to think or dream
of you
I know
you do
Kind of feel it too (but)
I feel
some day
I'll still fall back in love with you
And I hope you'll feel it too my love...

I'll make the bed.. I'll rest your head
I'll lay it gently upon my shoulder...

But For Now...
Lyrics Credits: Ronald Arduini
Music Credits: Thierry Coupey
Producer Credits: Thierry Coupey
Performance Credits: Vocals by Ronald Arduini
Story Behind the Song:
"What Remains" was written and produced by Thierry Coupey. I am honored to have added the lyrics and to have sang this track
Song Length: 4:22
Primary Genre: Rock-Modern
Secondary Genre: -
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later